High Applicable Usage of PhytoMeal

•  Salicornia-based low-calorie food ingredient that is effective in reducing body fat  

•  Healthy flour alternative with 40% fewer calories and 70 times more calcium than flour

•  New superfood that can solve the global food shortage

     -  PhytoMeal can be mixed with wheat flour, cornflour, rice flour, etc.

•  No need to add salt in food products when using PhytoMeal

     -  The saltiness of PhytoMeal can be used as a salt replacement in food products.

        Salinity levels in PhytoMeal can be controlled through our desalination


     -  Can be labeled "No Salt Added"

•  Rich in antioxidants and antithrombotic polyphenols

•  Effective against obesity (article in the Pharmaceutical Biology),

    atherosclerosis (article in the Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy)

•  Healthy and delicious ingredient for many foods such as bread,

    cakes, cereals, cookies & chips, pasta, pizza buns, soups, ice cream,

    yogurt, cream cheese, tea, etc.

•  Gluten-free


PhytoMeal Applications 2.png