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A recent clinical trial of MemoryTea's raw material

by the Department of Neurology of Seoul National University Hospital confirmed the significant improvement in auditory comprehension of language.

-  Article accepted by journal: Scientific Reports-Nature


•  Delicious and healthy Salicornia RTD tea

     containing Salicornia-derived memory enhancing

     'Acanthoside B'


•  Effective on memory function

    -  A related article published in the journal: Scientific Reports-Nature

       (Article Title: Disease-modifying potential of desalted Salicornia europaea L. extract 

       in multifaceted Alzheimer's-like scopolamine-induced amnesic mice model)

    -  Article published in journal: Food and Chemical Toxicology

       (Article Title: Cognitive-enhancing and ameliorative effects of Acanthoside B in a scopolamine-

        induced amnesic mouse model through regulation of oxidative/inflammatory/cholinergic

        systems and activation of the TrkB/CREB/BDNF pathway)

    -  Article published in journal: Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 

       (Article Title: The Ameliorative Effects of the Ethyl Acetate Extract of Salicornia europaea L.

        and Its Bioactive Candidate, Irilin B, on LPS-Induced Microglial Inflammation and MPTP-         

        Intoxicated PD-Like Mouse Model)

•   Made from PhytoTea / 100% Organic / 0 Calories

     Caffeine-Free / Unsweetened / Delicious

•   MemoryTea is now available for sale at E-Mart, the largest supermarket chain 

     in South Korea. We plan to launch in other global markets, such as the U.S.,

     Europe, China, etc. in the near future as well.

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