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phytosauce, phytomeal, phytosalt, phyto corporation, 파이토코퍼레이

•  The world's first 100% Salicornia based sauce that can reduce sodium intake by 30%

•  A savory and salty sauce(Total Salts: 20%) that enhances the flavor of food

    -  No additives such as salt:

            Unlike other sauce products currently in the market, no additives (such as salt) are contained

            in PhytoSauce; Salicornia, the raw material of PhytoSauce, naturally contains salt

    -  No need to add salt when applying PhytoSauce to food products and meals

•  100% Clean Label

•  Gluten-Free

•  Rich in bioactive phytochemicals and nutrients

•  New mother sauce to suit all tastes

     - PhytoSauce can be used by itself, and PhytoSauce can be 

       the base for many new source products.

phytosauce, phytomeal, phytosalt, phyto corporation, salicronia, 파이토코퍼레이
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