•  The world’s first 100% plant-based salt

     -  PhytoSalt is the world’s only ‘naturally low-sodium salt’ extracted from Salicornia,

        a salt-accumulating plant, that overcomes the deadly condition of ‘Salt Stress’ resulting

        from the excessive salt intake.

•  Plant-based low-sodium salt that can reduce sodium intake by 20%

     -  In addition to NaCl, PhytoSalt contains a lot of mineral salts like KCl, MgCl2 and CaCl2,

        which contribute to its salty taste, along with glutamic acid, an amino acid that enhances the salty taste.

•  Effective on high blood pressure (article in the International Journal of Molecular Science)

    and fatty liver disease (article in the Journal of Food Science)

•  Delicious salt

•  100% microplastics-free salt