Phyto Corporation is 

a disruptive food tech startup

creating the future of food

with "PhytoSalt," a plant-based salt

that can reduce sodium intake by 20%.

Phyto Corporation

Winner of StartupSG Prize

Awarded by Singapore Government

at 'Future Food Asia 2019'

Phyto Corporation selected to participate in Cohort IV of TERRA,

a leading global innovation accelerator fueling ground-breaking transformation

in the food and agriculture industry. 


Phyto Corporation has developed the world's first '100% plant-based salt,' 

"PhytoSalt," extracted from Salicornia, a plant containing high contents of salt. PhytoSalt is a naturally low-sodium salt that can reduce sodium intake by 20%. In addition, preclinical trials have revealed PhytoSalt to be effective on high blood pressure

By desalinating Salicornia, Phyto Corporation has also developed a new superfood ingredient,' "PhytoMeal," that is effective in reducing body fat.  

Phyto Corporation holds more than 30 patents to PhytoSalt, PhytoMeal and other Salicornia-based products. In addition, Phyto Corporation recently received the “2019 Korea Outstanding Patent Award” (Biotechnology sector) for its patents.

Salicornia -> PhytoSalt + Desalted PhytoMeal
phyto corporation


(Low-Sodium &

Microplastics-Free Salt)

phyto corporation



phyto corporation



for Body Fat Loss

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phyto corporation


phyto corporation




(Made from PhytoTea)

MemoryTea is now available for sale at E-Mart, the largest supermarket chain in South Korea.

Articles on Phyto Corporation Products 

Published in SCI Journals

1. The ameliorative effects of the ethyl acetate extract of Salicornia europaea L. and Its bioactive candidate, Irilin B, on LPS-induced microglial inflammation and MPTP-intoxicated PD-like mouse model. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2019: 1-16 (2019)


2. Cognitive-enhancing and ameliorative effects of acanthoside B in a scopolamine-induced amnesic mouse model through regulation of oxidative/inflammatory/cholinergic systems and activation of the TrkB/CREB/BDNF pathway. Food and Chemical Toxicology 129: 444-457 (2019)


3. Ameliorative potential of desalted Salicornia europaea L. extract in multifaceted Alzheimer’s-like scopolamine-induced amnesic mice model. Scientific Reports 8: 7174-7190 (2018)


4. Desalted Salicornia europaea powder and its active constituent, trans-ferulic acid, exert anti-obesity effects by suppressing adipogenic-related factors. Pharmaceutical Biology 56: 183-191 (2018)


5. Desalted Salicornia europaea extract attenuated vascular neointima formation by inhibiting the MAPK pathway-mediated migration and proliferation in vascular smooth muscle cells. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 94: 430-438 (2017)


6. Salicornia extract ameliorates salt-induced aggravation of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in obese mice fed a high-fat diet. Journal of Food Science 82: 1765-1774 (2017)


7. Protective effect of Salicornia europaea extracts on high salt intake-induced vascular dysfunction and Hypertension. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17: 1176-1188 (2016)

Salicornia Cultivation,

Seawater Agriculture

•  Salicornia is a beneficial and sustainable future food resource that can be mass-cultivated by seawater agriculture, which is a new agricultural method suitable for an age of food shortage resulting from water shortage.

•  Seawater agriculture is sustainable and eco-friendly for the future of food;

it does not require the use of any freshwater, fertilizers or pesticides.

•  Salicornia is the only edible halophyte that can be cultivated by the seawater agriculture method.

•  Salicornia cultivation contributes to the increase of profit for farmers.

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